Kimba's Story

Hello, my name is Kimba and I was rescued by Guy when I was a puppy. For almost 18 years we lived together and what fun we had! No dog could ever have been as happy.

When I passed away Guy was very sad for a long time which made me sad too. I did my best to cheer him up with happy memories but to no avail. 

Then, one day, I had an absolute woof of an idea. 

When my two-legs went on line to watch a Grand Prix (those four-wheels are even louder than me!), I nudged his paws towards instead (I have many friends up here who have told me how Soi Dog saved their lives). Guy was horrified as he read about all these dogs, especially those that had endured the obscene cruelty of the dog meat trade in Asia. I have never seen a two-legs look so shocked and rightly so.

Within days he had booked a trip to Soi Dog where, after first seeking my approval (given with a hesitant growl if I'm honest), he met hundreds of rescued dogs in the Gill Dalley Sanctuary. 

Every evening we walked along the beach together (I am never any more than two paces away and will always be by his side) and during these walks he was constantly muttering to himself ... and sometimes even growling (I am so glad I taught him something!). You two-legs would say that he was formulating a plan.

And Stop Eating Dogs is the result. Never has an old dog been so proud!

Kimba Wrench x

PS: My two-legs was born in Northern Nigeria where they speak a language called Hausa. My full name is Karama Kimba which translates from Hausa as "beautiful small animal". 

There are hundreds of thousands of kimba four-legs in Asia who will never even see their first birthdays. They will die horrendous deaths unless we help them.

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