The dog and cat meat trade is so utterly repugnant, it is hard to describe. Here is a brief (censored) overview of this Trade of Shame.

South Korea. Millions of dogs are farmed in quite horrendous conditions. Packed into small metal cages, they never feel the ground beneath their feet, they never enjoy human company and they never get to play, not even the puppies. 
Author James Hyams describes a visit to a typical dog farm: "What we found was horrifying. Dozens of dead puppies, some very sick dogs that were still going to be used for dog meat, dog feed from rotten food waste; raw dog meat thrown on to dead chickens in freezers, this same contaminated dog meat packed into boxes for delivery to restaurants; and the farm owner injecting dogs himself and returning syringed medication back into bottles after using the same needle on numerous sick dogs". Sadly there are THOUSANDS of these farms in South Korea ...

The Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and China. In these countries, dogs are not farmed but they are subjected to hideous cruelty none the less. Vast numbers of street dogs and family pets are stolen off the streets (pet dogs are not confined to homes and gardens as they are over here) and then sold at wet markets, much like the market that sparked the Covid pandemic. In China alone, 20 million dogs suffer this fate.

A significant number of these dogs endure horrific, slow deaths as many Asians mistakenly believe that the release of adrenaline (caused by terror and pain) enhances the taste and "healing properties" of dog meat. In Vietnam they forcibly pump water into dogs (by inserting pipes down their throats or up their back passages) to increase the dog's weight and so increase its market value. This is excruciatingly painful and many dogs die in the process.  

Across all Asia they hang dogs by their necks and beat them with sticks (to “tenderise” the meat). 
Many thousands of dogs are blow-torched while alive and even skinned and boiled while alive. They have limbs hacked off, are electrocuted and they are bludgeoned to death. To prevent them screaming, their muzzles are taped or wired shut. The lucky ones are simply drowned. 
For the avoidance of doubt, this is common, everyday practice in Asia. It is a multi-million dollar business driven by greed and corruption.

80,000 dogs suffer this fate EVERY SINGLE DAY in Asia, year on year on year.

If you are unaware of these atrocities, or if you simply cannot believe what you have just read above, please research the “Asian dog meat trade” on the internet and see for yourself. 

WARNING: What you see and read will be deeply disturbing.

The future. Happily there is a glimmer of light in the darkness. Almost all of the young Asians we have met abhor the dog meat trade. Many of them own dogs and cats as pets and they are deeply disturbed that their countries continue to eat dog and cat meat. Both Taiwan and Thailand have now banned the eating of dog and cat meat altogether. The dog and cat meat market is shrinking slowly, but tens of thousands of dogs (and cats) still die every single day in Asia.
YOU CAN HELP US NOW by signing up your dog and/or cat as a Stop Eating Dogs Campaign Hero. All donations will go to the wonderful charities that are fighting the dog meat trade on the ground in Asia. These charities and their Asian partners are making real headway. This is NOT a lost cause, on the contrary, there has never been a better time to shout - STOP EATING DOGS NOW. 

On behalf of all the dogs and cats ON DEATH ROW in Asia ... 
... thank you for caring.