Your donations will be passed on to the Soi Dog Foundation, Humane Society International / HSI (UK), Korean Dogs and Fight Dog Meat.

All four of these companies are currently active and successful in their respective campaigns fighting the Asian dog meat trade. As the Stop Eating Dogs campaign develops, proposals from further charities/foundations will be considered. All donations will be published on this website. The campaign founder/director, Mr Guy Wrench, will not draw a fee from Stop Eating Dogs Ltd as he earns his living elsewhere.

Soi Dog Foundation
Soi Dog is our principal beneficiary. Soi Dog Foundation is a privately funded NGO based in Phuket, Thailand. It has been active in fighting the Asian Dog Meat Trade for 15 years and, working alongside the Thai government, has shut down the DMT in Thailand. It is now illegal to eat and/or farm dog meat in Thailand. This alone saves the lives of over 500,000 dogs a year. Soi Dog also runs a rescue and re-homing centre for dogs rescued from the DMT and operates a primary school education programme throughout Thailand. Remarkably for an NGO, Soi Dog has neutered more street dogs and cats than any other organisation in the world, thus removing a potential life of misery for literally millions and puppies and kittens. In addition, Soi Dog has also built the largest animal hospital in Asia and employees 240 staff, all working to protect and save dogs and cats in Asia. It is a quite extraordinary organisation and one that we are very proud to support. In Thai, the word soi means a street or alley, hence soi dog / street dog.
VISIT: soidog.org 
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Fight Dog Meat
Vietnamese animal lovers want the world to know what is happening to animals inside their own country. They are desperate for animal protection laws but their cries fall on the deaf ears of their government. As if the Dog Meat Trade isn’t bad enough, Fight Dog Meat has exposed the fact that DMT dogs are being force fed kilograms of rice and gallons of water by plastic tubes that are forced down into their stomachs, prior to being sent to market (the heavier the dog, the more it sells for). Many dogs die in this horrific process. Vomit is regularly hosed off the trucks before they start these journeys into hell. Fight Dog Meat is working to give VIETNAMESE ANIMAL LOVERS a louder voice  - so their government will ultimately have to listen to their cries for animal protection laws!
VISIT: fightdogmeat.com

Korean Dogs
Korean Dogs are political activists based in South Korea. Their rationale is this: 
"As countries become more modernised and culturally advanced, and their generations become more educated, the dog meat industry is increasingly rejected. It is seen as an embarrassment and burden. This is why some Asian countries have already banned dog eating, recognising it as incompatible with a modern way of life and their nations’ image. But while the Philippines and Thailand have banned dog consumption, other countries along with Korea openly continue the practice, including China, Vietnam, and Indonesia. If more countries can be encouraged to ban dog and cat eating, it can influence their neighbours to ban it too. That’s why it is important to continue to pressure the Korean government to end the dog meat industry, it is not just for dogs and cats in Korea, but also for those elsewhere who are suffering in torturous conditions right now."
VISIT: koreandogs.org   
WARNING: This website contains extremely disturbing videos and photographs

Humane Society International
Humane Society International (HSI) is the international division of the Humane Society of the United States, founded in 1991. HSI has a superb track record of closing down dog meat farms (of which there are thousands in South Korea). This exercise is undertaken with the agreement of the DMT farmers who are then supported in their transition to alternative livelihoods. The ability to continue farming dogs is removed as all the dog cages and other associated structures are destroyed. Stop Eating Dogs funds donated to HSI will be "ring-fenced" specifically to fight the Asian Dog Meat Trade.
VISIT: hsi.org
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Watch an HSI dog meat farm closure here: Happy ending story