You don't need a dog to sign up as a Campaign Hero and help us fight the obscenely evil dog and cat meat trade.

If you once had a dog, why not celebrate the memory by signing up him or her as a posthumous Campaign Hero? See "My old friend Snap", Campaign Hero 0000003, my childhood best friend, called Snap because he was a bit of a nipper!
If you're a cat lover, why not sign up your cat? Monty the cat says...
You'll be horrified to learn that four million cats were slaughtered for human consumption in China alone last year. Like dogs, many were tortured before death...
Although we talk about the Dog Meat Trade, we are fighting the Cat Meat Trade equally. Both are obscene.
If you have never owned a cat or a dog and want your voice to be heard, we have a number of Campaign Hero volunteers that you can borrow! You can make up a name or use your own name, whatever suits you best.
One way or another, please find a way to help us fight this evil. If enough of us act, we can surely bring the cruel dog (and cat) meat trade to an end once and for all.
On behalf of all the dogs and cats ON DEATH ROW in Asia ... 
... thank you for helping us.

Guy and Kimba Wrench.

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