This website is entitled Stop Eating Dogs but the cat meat trade in Asia is just as evil.

As a cat owner, you'll be horrified to learn that four million cats were slaughtered for human consumption in China alone last year. Like dogs, many of these cats were tortured before death...
Although we talk about the Dog Meat Trade, we are fighting the Cat Meat Trade equally. Both are absolutely obscene and must be shut down.

Many of the cats killed for consumption are pets. By nature cats are "free range" and rogue traders steal them off the streets and from people's properties. These cats are then sold in markets (100% profit). They are often brutalised while still alive. The "lucky" one are drowned ...

Street cats are caught in bated traps. Traders have no problem selling cat meat at markets as many of the older Asian population genuinely believe that cat soup abates arthritis and has other health properties.

If you have a cat, we need you to join as a Campaign Hero. Please sign up today and ask your cat loving friends to do the same.
If enough of us act, we can surely bring the cruel dog and cat meat trade to an end once and for all.
On behalf of all the dogs and cats ON DEATH ROW in Asia ... 
... thank you for caring.

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