Help us stop this evil abuse of mans' best friend

We encourage everyone to talk about the dog meat trade

The purpose of Stop Eating Dogs is raise awareness of the dog and cat meat trade in Asia. This trade must rank as one of the world's most abhorrent and unnecessary animal welfare violations, not least as it is actually illegal in so many of the countries where it takes place.  

Companies such as Soi Dog Foundation are doing a magnificent job of lobbying governments and educating the next generation of Asian children. The more the world talks about the horrors of the dog and cat meat trade, the greater the pressure becomes for participating counties to eradicate this Trade of Shame.

How can you help?

You can start by registering your dog or cats on this website. It will only take five minutes of your time and it will be proof that you want to see an end to the dog and cat meat trade. Registration is free, but you can make a small donation if you wish; these dogs and cats need all the help we can give them.

Once you have registered your pet, please consider posting the certificate that we send you on your social media channels; and please talk to your friends about the dog and cat meat trade ... however unpalatable the subject. These posts and any conversations that you have will help spread the word. You might not think that one voice can achieve much, but there are an estimated 195 million pet owners across Europe and North America - and if we all start talking, we will be heard!

If you are able to make a donation (however big or small), this will be used to fund educational programmes across Asia. The Soi Dog banner shown on our HOME page is a great example of how the actions of animal lovers like you are being seen and heard. 

Happily the majority of younger Asians now seem to be on our side, but millions of dogs and cats are still being slaughtered every year.

Our partners in Asia are working miracles. Even China, the largest dog eating nation in the world, is changing its laws to protect dogs and cats. This is remarkable and has been achieved by people power and our love of dogs and cats. 

A Dog's Tale:-

Our founder, Guy Wrench, has a rescue dog called Mr Knight. 

Although not a victim of the dog meat trade, Mr Knight is a Soi Dog miracle. Found half dead, with his body shredded, he somehow survived to tell his tale.

If you would like to read his remarkable story, you can buy his pawtobiography from the Soi Dog on-line shop (please copy and paste the link below). Needless to say, all proceeds go to fighting the dog meat trade.

Stop Eating Dogs currently supports various frontline charities that are achieving extraordinary results in Asia:

Soi Dog Foundation working with the Thai government, has shut down the dog meat trade in Thailand and is now working to achieve the same goal in Vietnam and the Philippines.  FACT: Soi Dog has rescued more dogs from the dog meat trade than all the world's other charities combined. 

Fight Dog Meat is an Australian based charity that is very active in Vietnam, fighting the Vietnamese dog meat trade. Unlike in neighbouring Thailand, the sickening DMT is still legal in Vietnam.

Korean Dogs lobbies the South Korean government to shut down the thousands of dog meat farms in the country. This is having a significant impact among the younger generation, many of whom abhor the dog meat trade.

Humane Society International / HSI (UK) has overseen the closure of a number of dog meat farms in South Korea and had funded the re-training of the farmers operating these sites.

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