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JOIN THE FIGHT and help us tell the world about the dog meat trade in Asia

By registering your dog or cat as a Stop Eating Dogs Campaign Hero you are helping us bring the hideous fate of all these dogs and cats in Asia to the attention of the world.

Five minutes of your time now will help us change the world for the better. Our partners in Asia are working miracles. Even China, the largest dog eating nation in the world, is changing its laws to protect dogs and cats. This is remarkable and has been achieved by people power and our love of dogs and cats. 

Your donation of just £5 (more if you prefer) will be used to physically save dogs and cats lives and to implement much needed educational programmes across Asia. Happily the majority of young Asians are on our side, but millions of dogs and cats are still being slaughtered every year.

Sign up today and receive:-

  1. A photographic Plaque of Honour featuring your dog and/or cat
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IMPORTANT: The design and production of our Stop Eating Dogs banners is fully sponsored by the wonderful people at and meaning that every penny of your donation (credit card commissions aside) will be used to fight the dog meat trade. 
Between us all, we really CAN make a difference, indeed we already have.
When the extent of these atrocities are brought to the attention of the world, the dog meat trade will have to listen.

People and nations will not accept the caging, torturing and eating of cats and dogs. Please, act now to bring this obscenity to an end.

StopEatingDogs currently supports various frontline charities that are achieving extraordinary results in Asia:

Soi Dog Foundation working with the Thai government, has shut down the dog meat trade in Thailand and is now working to achieve the same goal in Vietnam.  Soi Dog also owns and operates the largest dog and cat rescue centre in Asia.

Fight Dog Meat is an Australian based charity that is very active in Vietnam, fighting the Vietnamese dog meat trade. Unlike in neighbouring Thailand, the sickening DMT is still legal in Vietnam.

Korean Dogs lobbies the South Korean government to shut down the estimated 17,000 dog meat farms in the country. This is having a significant impact among the younger generation, many of whom despise the dog meat trade.

Humane Society International / HSI (UK) has overseen the closure of a number of dog meat farms in South Korea and had funded the re-training of the farmers operating these sites.

All these organisation need funds to operate and this is where YOUR DOG CAN HELP... and it will only cost you £5.
Until now, there has been no simple, easy way for people like you to voice your disgust at what is happening in Asia. This is our chance to be heard.
Please help us bring this cruel trade to an end once and for all.
On behalf of all the dogs and cats ON DEATH ROW in Asia ... 
... thank you for helping us.

Guy and Kimba Wrench.

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