Help us shame the Dog Meat Trade into Oblivion

Wear your Stop Eating Dogs t-shirt with pride

JOIN THE FIGHT and help us save dogs and cats lives.
Our t-shirts are branded on the front with our powerful STOP EATING DOGS logo and the Soi Dog web address and on the back with our DOGS ARE NOT FOOD - DOGS ARE MAN’S BEST FRIEND slogan and our web address.

The team at Soi Dog UK has agreed to sell these t-shirts on their website and we are donating 100% of the profit from these Ts to Soi Dog to help fight the horribly cruel dog meat trade in Asia. For those unfamiliar with Soi Dog, this charity has rescued more dogs from the dog meat trade than all the big international charities combined - over 16,000 dogs in total. Soi Dog has also built the largest dog and cat hospitals in Asia.  It is a quite remarkable organisation.

Sizes from XS through to XXXL with ladyfit t-shirts in XS/S/M.

Visit for details.

JOIN THE FIGHT: Together we really can make a difference and there has never been a better time to shout STOP EATING DOGS.
Please help us bring the cruel dog (and cat) meat trade to an end once and for all.

On behalf of all the dogs and cats ON DEATH ROW in Asia ... 
... thank you for caring.

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