Help us shame the Dog Meat Trade into Oblivion

Just imagine the power of 174,000,000 dog owners in Europe and North America.

There are an estimated 174,000,000 dog owners in Europe and North America alone and a similar number of cat owners. Just imagine the power of 174 + million people shouting Stop Eating Dogs and Stop Eating Cats at the top of their voices. Surely, between us, we can bring the ghastly dog and cat meat trade to an end?
As well as signing up your dog or cat as a Campaign Hero, you can help us tell the world about this heinous practice of torturing and eating dogs and cats.
Please tell everyone you know about the dog (and cat) meat trade and point them in the direction of this website.
Post your Plaque of Honour and Campaign Hero certificates on all your social media sites and please also use any or all of our banners from the DOWNLOAD section of this website to spread the word.
These banners are currently available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. There is also a print ready A6 mailer if you want to print it locally and pass it out to friends, work colleagues, dog walkers etc.
The horrific reality of the Dog Meat Trade must surely be one of Asia’s best kept secrets. How can we not all know about this?
And now that we do know about it ... how can we let it continue?
Please help us bring the cruel dog (and cat) meat trade to an end once and for all.

On behalf of all the dogs and cats ON DEATH ROW in Asia ... 
... thank you for helping us.

Guy and Kimba Wrench.

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